What's a Capsim Escape Room?

We’ve taken the concept of an escape room and brought it to a new level. It’s not just a team-building exercise, but a chance for your employees to develop realistic business skills and deliver results back to your organization. Participants will be put into an executive’s office, search for clues, and make decisions while running a simulated company. And it’s up to them to solve a business crisis before time runs out!

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  • 1.5-hour program
  • Groups of up to 10 people at a time
  • We provide the clues, puzzles, and business simulation
  • We can even bring a Capsim Escape Room to your office!
Activity Time Description
Onboarding 15 minutes
  • Overview of the room and scenario
  • Introduction to use the simulation platform
Escape Room 60 minutes
  • Search for clues that correspond to different business functions
  • Solve puzzles to influence their simulated company's decisions
  • Learn how each decision impacts a real-world business scenario
Debrief 15 minutes
  • Final debrief on the experience and its relevance to your organization
  • Short and flexible
  • Integrates a traditional escape room with a complex business simulation
  • Provides a fun and competitive experiential learning program
  • Employees will gain real business knowledge to drive results for your organization

What's Your Learning Objective?

Understanding P&L

You’re trapped inside the CFO’s office and your company is in the red! The only way out is to make your company profitable again. But this is no easy task. The CFO left clues hidden all throughout the office, and they could be anything—books, expense reports, office supplies, you name it!

It’s your job to solve these clues and jump straight into making decisions for each business function in a simulation:

  • Which department is causing a problem and why?
  • What can you do to really impact a change and save your company from going under?

Business Acumen

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Agile Thinking

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Big Data Analysis

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Project Management

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