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Highly effective business acumen training programs that utilize industry leading business simulations for a more engaging and powerful learning experience.

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General business acumen training.

General Business Acumen

Sound business decisions require an understanding of the complete business to achieve positive business outcomes for the company. Sound business decision making means understanding how the decisions in your department affect other departments and the rest of the corporation. A leader with business acumen skills focuses on critical factors and has the agility to adjust to constantly changing internal and external demands. He/She understands the language of business and the language of individual departments. Business acumen is a skill that needs to be learned and practiced.

In our programs, participants can practice applying business acumen skills to a simulation company as they run a simulated company over several rounds. The simulation allows them to make mistakes and have learning moments in a safe environment. Participants will develop a disciplined and consistent approach to better understand business challenges and business acumen.

HR focused business acumen training


Human Resources professionals need business acumen to successfully contribute to their company’s vision and strategy. Capsim delivers an interactive and engaging business simulation that allows participants to make real-life business decisions and review the impacts these decisions have on functional areas and the bottom line. The experience also includes discussion topics around, strategy, finance, & functional department roles. Finally, we include discussions about the impact Human Resources has on all of these areas. This experience truly helps HR Professionals develop the strategic and business competencies needed to get a seat at the table.

HR focused business acumen training

Strategic Thinking

The board of directors or president usually sets the strategy for the entire company, but how does that strategy affect all employees? All levels of employees make daily decisions that can align or derail the company or department’s strategy. Decisions involve a high level of risk but aligning all decisions to one strategy can help reduce that risk.

In this program, we use a business simulation to put participants in the C-suite. They first choose a strategy, and then experience what it is like to align all decisions in the simulation to that strategy. In a one or two-day simulation program, they can see what it is like to drive a company’s strategy for several years. Our simulations put teams in markets that reflect your company’s industry, encouraging them to develop an innovative strategy, and conducting the analysis needed to make the tactical decisions to best execute that strategy. They’ll also learn to analyze a competitor’s strategy based on their financial records.

Finance focused business acumen training


The Finance Department speaks their own language and use several reports that other managers may have trouble interpreting. This experiential learning program will leverage a business simulation to help all managers better understand the key drivers in business and the levers that pull different financial ratios. Managers will use the simulation to better understand how decisions in their department affect the financials for the entire company and make informed, intelligent business decisions. They will learn to use the three key financial statements to interpret a company’s performance and where improvements can be made. This program will make any of your managers comfortable and conversant in finance.

Project management focused business acumen training

Project Management

According to PMI's Talent Triangle, successful project managers possess a combined skillset of technical savvy, leadership skills, a strategic mindset and business management expertise. This program is uniquely suited to develop those skills, having participants run a simulated company while managing multiple projects that can include a product design, launch and revision. Capsim simulations allow participants to manage projects across four functional areas, increasing their understanding how cross-functional decisions impact the bottom line. Programs are flexible enough to add custom scenarios based on internal or external forces relevant to your industry.

Project Management Case Study

Learn how a multinational pharmaceutical company improved R&D and cross-functional productivity through a two-day, onsite program fro 72 high-potential R&D personnel.

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Sales enablement focused business acumen

Sales Enablement

B2B Sales professionals need to understand their customer’s business and industry to have effective conversations. Capsim’s Sales Enablement program uses business simulations to put participants in their client’s shoes and deliver insight into the complexity of running a business. Programs are customized to deliver the knowledge sales professionals need to accelerate conversations and position themselves as industry experts.

“Capsim wasn’t just a vendor - they were a true partner. I have worked with partners, but you brought the partnership to another level. From the design through the delivery of the programs, you learned about our organization and our culture, then embedded it in your delivery. You lived our culture when you were with us. We really did some special work together.”

Business Services Training Manager at a mid-size financial institution

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